Micro (nano) Assembly Proposed by metal industry

from the Industry-outlook dept.
ErenNano writes:
"I found this article while surfing the web. Itís a collection of predictions about where technology is leading, and nano assemblers were mentioned under the term Micro Assembly. An excerpt:
ìThe period of 2030 through the 2050s in manufacturing will be typified by the developments of microfabrication, virtual marketing and testing, and biocomputing. Microfabrication will be the most sweeping transformation for manufacturing since the advent of the computer. It will allow the fabrication of materials and parts at the molecular level, building them with the features we desire (strength, weight, flexibility, and so forth) at incredible levels of material efficiency . . . [W]ith the advent of nanotechnology, microscopic assemblers will grasp reactive molecules and combine them only in preplanned and controlled ways. Through these controlled and repetitive combinations, complex structures may be built up a few atoms at a time . . . The resulting material, and therefore the structure produced, will be many times stronger and lighter than traditional ones. Indeed, they will be stronger and lighter than anything we can build today."

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