Molecular manufacturing at SME Forum May 4

Many Nanodot readers may be able to make the case to their employers that they need to understand the future of manufacturing. Take a shot at it now, so you can attend "Molecular Nanotechnology and Manufacturing: The Enabling Tools and Applications" on May 4 in Minneapolis, sponsored by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Speakers on molecular manufacturing include David Forrest and Chris Phoenix. Jim Von Ehr will speak on "Assembly Pathway to Nanotechnology: Meso to Micro to Nano". Other talks will likely include relevant info, e.g. IBM's Thomas Theis: "Over the next few decades, it should become possible to design and control the structure of an object at all length scales, from the atomic to the macroscopic, and to do so cheaply and reliably in manufacturing." Foresight president Scott Mize will meet with Foresight Senior Associates members that evening; contact the office to sign up.

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