More Merkle at Singularity University

More Merkle at Singularity University

Ted Greenwald continues his Singularity University executive program coverage over at Wired:

These days, though, Merkle is setting his sights much higher. Over the past few years he has put together a theoretical system for building diamond, atom by atom. It involves nine molecular tools and methane/hydrogen feedstock on a diamond substrate. He has analyzed all the side reactions, he says, and shown why they won’t throw the process out of kilter. “This is the first effort to define a minimal tool set for positional diamond mechanosynthesis,” he says. “It’s hard,” he says — an understatement — “but it ought to work.”

It’s great to see so many Foresight members helping teach over at SU.  —Chris Peterson


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  1. James Gentile November 11, 2009 at 4:16 am - Reply

    This is what we really need. The US Govt is willing to spend a trillion dollars on health care, basically band-aids to the problem, but only spends millions on stuff like nanotech and AI, if even that. What’s wrong with these people, they must be insane. They ignore the only real cure to the problems they are trying to solve. The US gov’t has the money to make nanorobotics and AI, but does not out of some childesh sense of embarrassment of the ‘geek rapture.’ It’s so nice to have such people in charge, millions have died and millions more will die because nanotech and AI are ‘icky’ subjects. Totally awesome. How are they going to live with themselves when they finally make AI and nanotech and cure disease and poverty, and realize what I’ve realized for years now, that they could have had these things much earlier? They will forever live with the guilt of millions and millions of deaths and prolonged extreme suffering of the diseased and disabled, with no excuses.

    Sorry I just get frustrated that nanotech and AI are not being taken seriously by world gov’t, large corporations, and the rich, and that so many suffer for it (including the clowns that cause this situation through inaction.)

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