Motley Fool has ongoing discussion of nanotech

from the nanonews-everywhere dept.
Senior Associate Brad Hein posts nanonews at his nanosite, e.g.: "The Motley Fool has a discussion board on nanotechnology at The Fool is a web site for education and news on investing. Generally, I've found their message boards to be pretty civil with a fairly good signal to noise ration." CP: Read More for an excerpt on the Foresight Conference from the discussion board. GregTrocchia posted on 11/15/00 a fairly long report on the Foresight Conference, with this at the end:
"Most of the researchers believe that the Drexler/Merkle formulation of most forms of matter allowed by physical law, fabricated perfectly (defect rate of less than 1 in 10^15) and cheaply cents per kilogram. Merkle polled the audience to get a consensus about it. While there is some self selection concerning who would deliver a paper to a Foresight Institute Conference, these are not "true believers". something like 2/3rd's of the audience hadn't heard of a broadcast architecture (which is a standard Foresight response to the Gray Goo question). So, while this capability is quite a ways from coming, the tribologists, molecular biologists, chemists, and the like in the audience thought that it was a question of when rather than if."

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