Motoman SDA10

This is the Motoman SDA10 15-axis robot (“for high level of dexterity and range of motion”) putting together an office chair. This is roughly the kind of thing we need for the Feynman Path assembly robot.

(in case the embedding isn’t working on your browser, it’s here)

There are several times when the Motoman uses both arms to do something it couldn’t do with just one (or rather would take a lot longer, putting together jigs and using hold-downs). It seems to take about 12 seconds for each major part. A RepRap is on the order of 1000 parts, so it might take several hours to put one together, or a day for that and another motoman to service it. (It remains to be seen how fast a fabricator could actually make the parts.)

By the way, watching this video gives you a good idea how foolish it is to be afraid of self-replicating machines just because they’re self-replicating. Imagine the Motoman were making another Motoman. It has to have a set of hi-tech parts to work from. It’s bolted to the floor. You’d have to imagine that it could design and build a mobile robot completely by accident, and then be fruitful and multiply by using the robot parts we find growing on every tree.

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