Must-see U.K. nanotech protest video

Even nanotech supporters may enjoy this video of an amusing protest. An Institute of Nanotechnology meeeting was disrupted by protestors from THRONG (The Heavenly Righteous Opposed to Nanotech Greed). ìThe same greedy corporations who messed with the genetic basis of life are now seeking to alter and privatize nature right down to the atomic levelî, explained THRONG spokesangel Pandora Spocks. ìWe want to warn companies attending this conference that getting into nanotech is really not a clever idea ñ for society or their business.î IoN invited the group to present at their 20 January meeting, but was refused. The group's name is a take-off on THONG, who protested topless at NanoCommerce 2004. [Nano is such a fun field to cover!–CP]

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