Nano-Hive Nanospace Simulator 1.1.0 Released

bhelfrich writes "Nano-Hive version 1.1.0 for win32-x86 is now available for download. *nix distros will be made available in the coming weeks.

This release adds support for running multiple, multi-threaded simulations simultaneously, each able to access multiple Physical Interaction plugins.

We've also added new plugins.

Also included in this release is an alpha version of the HiveKeeper Graphical User Interface for Nano-Hive ( The capabilities of the alpha version includes visualization of the molecular structures even while the simulation is running.

Visit to learn more. Nano-Hive's open source development and distributions are hosted at"

Editors comment — but when will the software be available for non-windows systems? "*nix" distros in coming weeks sounds rather vague.

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