Nano Ethics Conference

It is worth drawing attention to the forthcoming conference on Nano Ethics being held at the Univ. of S. Carolina in Columbia, SC, March 2-5, 2005.

The particpants include Scott Mize, Christine Peterson, Mike Treder, and Mark Gubrud. All prominent people well known to the within the nanotechnology community.

I would highly urge people in the SE U.S. or others with an interest in nanotechnology and nanoethics to consider attending one or more days of this conference. As it is an academic conference the fee is minimal. The important factor is that you get to schmooze with the people who contribute to policy at the breaks and diners and potentially influence them.

As Buckminster Fuller once once pointed out there are "trim tabs" in life as well as engineering. Such opportunities are where a small force applied properly can produce a significant result. Given that the clash of cultures (the nanotechnology intelligentsia vs. the academia vs. government) involves many people who are just now wading into the swamp it would seem to be a significant opportunity to educate such individuals.

This is associated with Nanodot's previous reference to The Online Student Journal for Nanotechnology which appears to be affiliated with nSTS.

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