Nanobombs to fight cancer

Yet another new technique is looking promising for using carbon nanotubes to treat cancer. From Betterhumans, on work at University of Delaware: “When the UD researchers saw the explosions, they realized it might be possible to use the microscopic bombs to kill cancer cells. They recreated the explosions in solutions including water, phosphate and salt, which meant the nanobombs could be used in the human body. In fact the explosions were more dramatic in saline solutions…The nanobombs could also offer advantages over other nanotech treatments as they are destroyed along with cancer cells. Macrophages then clear cell debris and exploded nanotubes, preventing nanoparticles from jamming up in the body.”

There’s still time to register for the Foresight Conference, Oct. 22-27, and hear about other exciting developments in nanotech for health. –Christine

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