Nanocatalysis is beginning to alter the economy

from the here-and-now dept.
TimHarper writes "Nanocatalysis is one area of nanotechnology that is already beginning to alter the economics of energy production, and billion dollar deals have already been signed. The shift away from dependence on oil from the Persian Gulf region also has implications for the bargaining power of OPEC, and provides significant opportunities in the energy sector for both Russia and China. In the post-September 11th world, desire to reduce dependence on imported energy is hot topic both in Washington and Brussels, and nanocatalysis is starting to make this possible."

"As you may know, we at CMP Cientifica have a couple of new reports out at the moment, an updated White Paper on Nanotechnology available free from our site (the link on the Foresight page should still work -same url), and an in depth report into the effect nanocatalysis is having on the energy markets – extended executive summary at Nanocatalysis and fossil fuels: Executive Summary. Hopefully this will open a few peoples eyes and help them realize that nanotechnology is not like nuclear fusion, always 30 years away, but already here & now."

"Time mentioned the Energy report this week at It's The N-Generation: Nanotechnology, which offers super-small solutions to some very big problems, may be coming of age"

"Also from Panel: Nano effort needs broadening, 'The Department of Energy should do more within its nanotechnology programs to include the science of catalysis, or modifying chemical reactions, the agency's Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee said Tuesday.'"

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