Nanoimprint lithography

RobertBradbury writes "Space Daily had a recent article about progress by Stephen Chou's group (at the NanoStructures Lab) with nanoimprint lithography. Their most recent article in Applied Physics Letters is here [1]. They are getting down to 5nm ridges spaced 14nm apart. From the looks of NNT conference program last December this area is getting hot."

RobertBradbury continues:

Kuro5hin has a good background article on the LIGA and LADI technologies (note: some of the LADI links may not work due to news source policies).

Interestingly, this technology just might have some potential to form "jigs" that could be used to hold and position nanoscale parts in situations where self-assembly cannot be achieved. This is a nontrivial problem for something like the Fine-Motion Controller where you have to align the positioning rings to allow the insertion of the shaft they rotate around.

1. M.D. Austin, et al, "Fabrication of 5 nm linewidth and 14 nm pitch features by nanoimprint lithography," Applied Physics Letters 84(26):5299-5301 (28 Jun 2004).

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