Nanomedicine in prestigious "The Sciences"

from the enough-pain-&-suffering-already dept.
Senior Associate Robert Freitas Jr., author of the partially-Foresight-funded book Nanomedicine Vol. 1, has published an article on nanotechnology in the prestigious magazine The Sciences published by the New York Academy of Sciences. He concludes: "The hope and dream is that, sometime in the not-too-distant future, those devices will be able to eliminate virtually all the common diseases of the twentieth century, and virtually all bodily pain and suffering as well." Oddly, the magazine is not online at all; Read More for order info. Single issues cost US$3.95 in the U.S. (and possibly elsewhere, it's unclear); phone 212-838-0230 to order. The issue with this article is July/August 2000.

"THE SCIENCES has been called the cultural magazine of science. It combines the literary and aesthetic values of a fine consumer magazine with the authority of a scholarly journal to lead the reader in an enlightening exploration of the world of science."

If you used to enjoy Scientific American, you might want to give The Sciences a try: US$21 per year in the U.S., $28 elsewhere. –CP

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