Nanomedicine story in Red Herring

from the curing-Martian-cancer dept.
Quite a long story on nanomedicine appears in the "business of technology" magazine Red Herring. The main focus is the collaboration between NASA, the National Cancer Institute, and Caltech: "Nanotechnology–the art and science of the vanishingly small device–used to be easy to dismiss as so much blue sky. It's not so easy anymore, now that three of the nation's biggest scientists have thrown their weight behind a project to create molecule-size medical technologies by 2020, in time for the first manned mission to Mars." CP: Hey, any excuse is fine with us, even Mars. [Errata: Pierluigi Zappacosta wishes to point out that it was Jim Bennett, not himself, who co-founded Foresight Institute, as claimed in their timeline.]

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