Nanometer Knitting for Futuristic Clothing

Roland Piquepaille writes "Australian and U.S. researchers have found a new way to exploit the old technology of spinning wool. This CSIRO news release, "Futuristic 'smart' yarns on the horizon," tells us that spinning of carbon nanotubes could lead to 'smart' yarns which could be knitted together to make artificial muscles for robot soldiers or even bandages that send a signal after you're hurt. However, this news release is short on facts, and in "Knitting in nanometres," ABC Science Online wrote something more substantial. You'll discover that the scientists "created the yarn by growing a mat of fibres on a substrate, called a nanotube forest." And with this spinning process, this 'forest' can grow as long as you want, like several kilometers long. If it is proven, this is truly amazing, and practical military or medical applications could be ready within five years. This overview contains selected excerpts and some scanning electron microscope (SEM) micrographs of the process."

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