Nanopundits duke it out at National Press Club

Washington DC was the place to be today, for the Center on Nanotechnology and Society’s 1st Annual Conference on Nanopolicy and the Human Future held at the National Press Club. Much learned nanopunditry from both sides of the big issues. Sean Murdock of the Nanobusiness Alliance and John Sargent of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce valiantly explained the dynamics of this new tech revolution, while a couple of speakers seemed to be under the impression that complaining about nanotech would somehow slow its advance.

Winning the prize once again for light nanotech entertainment was Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA), who of course expressed serious points as well as his trademark jokes. Other Congressmen speaking were Mike Honda (D-CA), winner of Foresight’s first Government Prize, and Dave Weldon, MD, who has concerns about human dignity. I did my usual schtick about different nano timeframes, stressing the goal of productive nanosystems. Check the Center’s main website in about two weeks for the video, which will be posted. —Christine

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