Nanorace gains another entrant: Saudi Arabia

From Arab News, comments by Prince Turki ibn Saud, vice president of the research institutes at the King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST):

” ‘We have government approval for a 20-year strategic development plan,’ he said. ‘The Kingdom is keen to develop nanotechnology, which holds immense potential in the future. The KACST under this initiative had recently set up a National Nanotechnology Center and most of the research work is directed toward this area of technology.’

“ ‘If a scientist studies the matter at this scale, it enables him to change and control the properties of the matter and develop a whole range of different kinds of compact materials with higher efficiency and capacity,’ said Prince Turki.”

Usually in this kind of quote, the word “him” means “him or her”. In this case, maybe not… —Christine

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