Nanoscale wires with interesting properties

RobertBradbury writes "Chongwu Zhou at USC has demonstrated a combination of chemical vapor deposition and pulsed laser deposition that can produce multi-material nanowires (diameters 30-100 nm, length up to 3000 nm). News here. The process appears to be able to produce the nanowires in quantity (from a nanoscale perspective). Interestingly the material that determines the properties of the wire is on the outside rather than the inside of the cable as is the case with coax and glass fiber.

Now of course if the high temperature superconductor varient of these wires could be positioned and bonded in place on semiconductor chips one would have a new and interesting method for connecting the transistors on the chips. I've seen claims that some types of buckytubes are good conductors — but are they anywhere close to HTSC?"

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