Nanotech finds killer app: weight loss…maybe

There are few goals that more of us share than that of losing weight, now that the problem of obesity is spreading (sorry) far beyond the US. brings us news of a new nanoscale product for which the manufacturer claims to have scientific evidence of efficacy in weight loss:

“AquaNova has developed a new system using its NovaSol nanotechnology to combine two active substances for fat reduction and satiety into a single nano-carrier – an innovation said to be a new approach to intelligent weight management.

“Called NovaSol Sustain, the solution uses CoQ1O to address fat reduction and alpha-lipoic acid for satiety, corporate development manager Franck Behnam revealed to

“It has been the subject of an independent study by two respected scientists in the field of nutrition, Dr Ute Gola of the Institute for Nutrition and Prevention in Berlin, Germany, and Prof Dr Biesalski, head of the department of biological chemistry and nutrition in Hohnheim, Germany.

“The results, which will be presented in full at a Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology [conference] in San Francisco, April 1 to 5 2006, led the Gola and Biesalski to say: ‘For the first time a natural combination for weight management and weight maintenance is available, which represents an all new therapeutic and successful approach.’ ” (Source: Meridian)

I for one will be most interested in hearing the evidence. To my knowledge, Coenzyme Q10 has not been proven before to lead to weight loss. For example, the Life Extension Foundation, normally pretty aggressive in identifying health claims for supplements, does not list this one.

But if it works and is safe, having the company market this as “nanotechnology” should do great things for the field. Or, to be more accurate, for the word, which has now been so broadly defined as to be, shall we say, not too useful except in marketing. —Christine

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