Nanotechnology frontier meets space frontier

For a visionary look at space applications of nanotech, see a new column over at Nanotechnology Now. An excerpt: Occasionally astronauts have to leave their spaceships, so researchers at Northeastern University and Rutgers University propose that we protect the astronauts by including layers of bio-nano robots in their spacesuits. The outer layer of bio-nano robots… Continue reading Nanotechnology frontier meets space frontier

Nanotechnology to fight paralysis

Here’s a cheery note to end our week on: There’s been lots of coverage of recent work by Northwestern’s Prof. Samuel Stupp’s work using today’s nanotechnology materials to tackle paralysis. An excerpt from In a dramatic demonstration of what nanotechnology might achieve in regenerative medicine, paralyzed lab mice with spinal cord injuries have regained… Continue reading Nanotechnology to fight paralysis

Nanotechnology and plasmonics may lead to faster computers

Plasmonic nanoswitches based upon molecular machines may eventually lead to nanotech plasmonic circuits.