Nanotech helps ABB to environmental sustainability

from the pollution-is-just-atoms-in-the-wrong-place dept.
The corporate world is starting to notice that nanotech is clean tech. From a story on Yahoo News: Global technology group ABB said today that it has been named number one in corporate sustainability among the electric equipment industry by the SAM Sustainability Group… “We are pleased that our efforts are recognized,'' said Goran Lindahl, President and CEO of ABB. “This ranking acknowledges the fine work that is done throughout our global organization – in ABB sustainability is a core value for all our activities.''…ABB invested US$ 865 million on research and development and US$ 1,212 million on order-related development activities, for a total of some eight percent of Group revenues in 1999. ABB's technology innovations during that time included advances in molecular-scale nano-technologies [Emphasis added]

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