Nanotech seed fund: MMEI

from the from-acorns-large-oaks-will-grow-by-self-assembly dept.
Senior Associate StevenVetter is quoted in this piece from the Seattle-area Eastside Journal: "Where the real progress is made is when you get the people that can bridge the gap [among disciplines],'' said Steven Vetter, president and CEO of St. Paul, Minn.-based Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises Inc. Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises Inc., a firm that invests in nanotechnology companies…Vetter of Molecular Manufacturing is on the front line of commercialization. The company provides seed funding for nanotechnology projects. With assets of $1 million, Molecular Manufacturing has funded a few undisclosed ventures that are still considered too high-risk for venture capitalists. The returns on investing in nanotech are 10 or 20 years away, which is why backers have shied away. With the National Nanotechnology Initiative, however, and universities and other research organizations putting up matching funds, “traditional money is getting more interested,'' Vetter said. The piece also quotes Foresight advisor Ralph Merkle, and, er, me.

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