Nanotechnology design-of-the-month reaches 25,000 precisely-placed atoms

Our friends at Nanorex have done it again. You really should click through to see this new nanotech design in action. Click on the design to make it move:

This worm drive assembly designed by K. Eric Drexler, Josh Hall, Ninad Sathaye and Mark Sims includes 11 components totalling 25,374 atoms. The animations below have been created from simulation results using NanoEngineer-1 Alpha 7, taking just over 370 hours to complete on a Dell laptop running WindowsXP. It is the largest model ever simulated with NanoEngineer-1.

There are (at least) three types of nano images: (1) images of nanoscale objects that have been built, (2) designs which have not yet been built but are believed to be stable in principle, and (3) artist’s conceptions which may not be scientifically accurate. This is a great example of #2. —Christine

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