Nanotechnology Education: Four Ways You Can Make A Contribution

The American Chemical Society and its partners foster flexible volunteer programs that enable scientists, engineers, and enthusiasts to share their expertise and passion with local communities. Foresight members can add tremendous value to these programs by bringing unique insight and experience in nanotechnology concepts and directions. Highlighted here are four great options for direct involvement on a variety of levels.

National Chemistry Week 2012: Nanotechnology, Oct. 21-27th
The focus of the 25th National Chemistry Week is “Nanotechnology – The Smallest BIG Idea In Science.” Use the link to find events scheduled for your area, connect with NCW coordinators and other like-minded thinkers, and/or learn how to set up your own event.

NanoDays 2013: March 30 – April 7th
Organized by participants in the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network, NanoDays is

a nationwide festival of educational programs about nanoscale science and engineering and its potential impact on the future.

Events are held at science museums, observatories, universities, and more. Kits are available to applicants, providing experiments and tips for anyone interested in hosting an event, or find out about designing your own.

Science Coaches Program: Apply By October 30th
This remarkable program gives you the opportunity to team-up with a like-minded middle- or high school teacher in your community to bring nanotechology-oriented concepts and experiences to students. The ACS Science Coaches program is entering its third academic year.

Kids & Chemistry Program
The ACS Kids & Chemistry program is aimed at younger students and offers broad flexibility regarding the size of your volunteer commitment.

Volunteer efforts can be implemented as a full program administered by an ACS local section or by an individual as a one-time classroom visit.

Already participating in any of these programs? Know of other programs worth pointing at? Leave a Comment to let us know.
-Posted by Stephanie C

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