Nanotechnology: Get an analyst job in San Francisco, Boston, NYC

Many Foresight members join partly in order to make a move toward a nanotech career. It’s not always an easy transition to make. But I just got an email from Lux Research — which bills itself as “the world’s leading nanotechnology research and advisory firm” — looking for Senior Analysts, about which they state:

The two key requirements for this role are 1) demonstrated experience in delivering professional services to senior executives and 2) a passionate interest in high technology.

Foresight members have #2, and plenty of them have #1 as well. I say: go for it.

According to their jobs webpage, they have positions open in NYC, Boston, and (best) San Francisco. The main downside is that they probably work their people pretty hard. But you can take it, right?

Obviously these jobs focus on near-term nanotech, but the skills learned and relationships built should be useful as the field advances toward longer-term, atomically-precise systems.

For other nanojobs, see Working in Nanotechnology and Tiny Tech Jobs. If you get a nanojob, remember Foresight in your annual giving! —Christine

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