Nanotechnology in China: Functional supramolecular systems

Various kinds of nanotechnology are being worked on in China, but one of the most important on the pathway to a general ability to build with atomic precision is what is called functional supramolecular systems. We at Foresight wish we could all have been in Beijing on Oct. 21-24 for the Xiangshan Science Conference on Functional Supramolecular Systems: Self-assembly and Nanotechnology:

The emphasis of this conference will be on self-assembly and nanotechnology – another “new” research areas overlapping field entering the science arena very fiercely. On the one hand, the discussion will include self-assembly at all scales, biological self-assembly and biomimics, and driving forces for self-assembly. On the other hand, it involves how self-assembly develops for new routes for bottom-up nanofabrication, leading to self-assembling nanomaterials, nanodevices and sensors, e.g. for nanomedicine.

If I am reading their website correctly, this is China’s fifth such meeting. Keep an eye on the speakers listed, both from China and elsewhere; should be interesting! —Christine

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