Nanotechnology innovator on NPR

When we give a nanotechnology prize here at Foresight, we like to track what happens to the winner as his/her career unfolds. We’ve been doing this with Dr. Anita Goel — now President, Scientific Director and CEO of Nanobiosym Labs/ Nanobiosym Diagnostics, Inc. — who won our Distinguish Student Award back in 1999. Most recently she was on NPR, and you can listen to the show:

Innovating in America Today

The big GM wobble this week over workers and wages and whether its factories will be built in this country was just one more wake-up call. The old world is gone and the new one is going to require a lot more innovation if America is going to stay at the top of the economic heap.

This hour we’re checking in with three young world-beating American innovators, on the path to breakthroughs right now, about what it takes and how they do it. And we hear from a big-view innovation guru who says we’d better get cracking.

This hour, On Point: message to America — lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Other news from Dr. Goel’s company:
Nanobiosym awarded $2 Million Contract from US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
Nanobiosym wins Phase II Grant from US Dept of Energy (DOE) (PDF)

Congratulations to Dr. Goel on her growing success. —Christine

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