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Rounding out our nanotechnology week on a leisurely note, we have a new source of nanotech podcasts, over at AzoNano. They’ve just posted their first weekly podcast and also have a couple of nano topic overviews for your commuting or exercising pleasure:

Nanotechnology News – Week Commencing 29th July 2007 – NEW
Total running time 23.45 mins, File size: 11.4Mb, File Type: mp3

The Implications for Health, Safety and the Environment of the Nanotech Revolution
Total running time 33 mins, File size: 13.4Mb, File Type: mp3

Nanotechnology – A Review with an Australian Perspective
Total running time 31 mins, File size: 7.75Mb, File Type: mp3

One of the Foresight Nanotech Challenges is “Improving health and longevity”. But to take advantage of these expected advances, we all need to stick around long enough for them to arrive. Here at Foresight we’d like all Nanodot readers to do that, so here are the URLs for audio recordings of my Penguicon talk on current techniques in life extension, sent by Matt Arnold who set up the programming for that meeting:

The full audio of your Life Extension keynote from Penguicon is here:

The podcast version, part one:

The podcast version, part two:

If longevity is a special interest of yours, use the “Email Nanodot” link to let us know. We will list you in the Foresight database with a note that this topic is of interest to you, so you can get updates in this area. Note: you will get occasional emails about nanotech also, but not a lot unless you request the Weekly Digest also.

Let me know if you have any comments on the talk, and have a safe and healthy weekend! —Christine

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