Nanotechnology podcast: Nanocars and Nanofactories

Karen Schmidt, whose writing has been featured here recently, brings our attention to nanotechnology podcasts, posted at NISEnet and the Exploratorium, as well as on ITunes. One example:

Vroom! Nanocars and Nanofactories

In this edition of SmallTalk, we hear from the man who builds the world’s smallest vehicles. He calls them “nanocars.” Dr. Jim Tour, a chemist at Rice University, tells us about his nanocars and how he thinks they might lead to nano-sized factories. We’ll also hear from University of Florida graduate student Diane Hickey, who will tell us some of the interesting reactions she’s run into when explaining nanotechnology. And we’ll play our Nano News or Nano Nonsense quiz!

Now we can combine macrocommuting with nanoexploration. —Christine

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