Nanotechnology proposed for real-time monitoring of biohazard infections

Current nanotech capabilities have been incorporated into a proposed architecture for medical nanorobots to control epidemic diseases. Roland Piquepaille describes the recently published design architecture. Excerpt from “Nanorobots to improve health care

Using nanorobots to deliver drugs and fight diseases is not a new idea (check here or there). Of course, nanorobots floating inside our bodies to improve our health are still years away. However, an international team of American and Australian researchers is developing a nanorobot hardware architecture for medical defense (PDF format, 1.02 MB). They have developed a nanorobot control design (NCD) software which helps them to simulate the behavior of these future nanorobots. Their 3-D approach shows ‘how nanorobots can effectively improve health care and medical defense and should enable innovative real time protection against pandemic outbreaks.’

Roland Piquepaille’s post describes the most recent work of Adriano Cavalcanti, whose earlier nanorobot work has been cited here on Nanodot.

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