Nanotechnology to help with hay fever

Nanotechnology to help with hay fever

Here at Nanodot and Foresight we tend to focus on more advanced nanotechnology such as devices and systems, but living in the pollen-filled San Francisco Bay Area — where a high percentage of residents have trouble with allergies — we would also appreciate some near-term help with that problem. From Nanowerk on an advance in nanotech from Japan:

Apparel manufacturer Sanyo Shokai has released the first in a series of men’s coats which are pollen-resistant. They’re made from a fabric developed by Toray that’s produced in a nanotechnology process that repels water and pollen.

The new fabric is a high-density fabric (smooth surface, very little space between each string) with a special resin-treatment (utilizing Toray’s nanomatrix technology) to improve the Pollen- and water-resistance.

Any help on this will be gratefully appreciated by many of us in the Bay Area, and by all sneezing sufferers with itchy eyes worldwide! —Christine

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  1. james kahelin November 25, 2008 at 9:03 am - Reply

    increasing the bioavailability of topically applied compounds, in particular to mucous membranes is an area of nanotech research interest to me.

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