Nanotechnology to help with hay fever

Here at Nanodot and Foresight we tend to focus on more advanced nanotechnology such as devices and systems, but living in the pollen-filled San Francisco Bay Area — where a high percentage of residents have trouble with allergies — we would also appreciate some near-term help with that problem. From Nanowerk on an advance in nanotech from Japan:

Apparel manufacturer Sanyo Shokai has released the first in a series of men’s coats which are pollen-resistant. They’re made from a fabric developed by Toray that’s produced in a nanotechnology process that repels water and pollen.

The new fabric is a high-density fabric (smooth surface, very little space between each string) with a special resin-treatment (utilizing Toray’s nanomatrix technology) to improve the Pollen- and water-resistance.

Any help on this will be gratefully appreciated by many of us in the Bay Area, and by all sneezing sufferers with itchy eyes worldwide! —Christine

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