Nanotechnology to reduce worldwide transport?

Science Daily brings news of the future of transportation as nanotechnology changes how we make our products, described in the book Transport Communications. An excerpt from Science Daily:

By introducing nanotechnology, the authors suggest, goods could be produced and distributed locally, limiting the amount of worldwide transport that takes place annually.

Whether discussing virtual reality-based conferences or nanotechnologically-enhanced clothing that amplifies human abilities, Kissling said he and Tiffin are simply offering a glimpse into the future.

“(We’re) trying to help people look into the future: what changes are coming,” he told the newspaper, “because more of the same, we think, is limited.”

The program is full already; otherwise I would be wanting the authors, Profs. Chris Kissling and John Tiffin from New Zealand, to speak at the upcoming Productive Nanosystems Conference. —Christine

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