Nanotechnology and Jewelry

Roland Piquepaille writes "Today, we'll look at nanotechnology under an unusual angle: the impact on the jewelry industry. In this long article, "The Weird World of Precious Metal Nanotechnology," published by AJM Magazine (The Authority on Jewelry Manufacturing), Michael Cortie, professor at the University of Sydney, Australia, explains why gold is often used by nanotechnologists. Not only gold exhibits very interesting properties at the nanoscale level, but it's also a bargain when compared to current prices of carbon nanotubes. And gold — and silver — nanoparticles can offer a range of unusual colors, suitable for fine jewelry or luxurious coatings. Finally, Cortie envisions smart jewelry made possible through the use of nanotechnology, such as a pendant that could include cell phone capabilities. Read this overview if you don't have enough time to read the original story."

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