Nanotechnology and the Environment

from the think-green dept.
Glenn Reynolds, professor of law at the University of Tennessee and a member of the Foresight board of directors, has writen an essay titled "Environmental Regulation of Nanotechnology: Some Preliminary Observations", which appeared in the June 2001 issue of the Environmental Law Reporter.

As Glenn notes in his introduction, "This all-too-brief essay will outline the basic nature of molecular nanotechnology. It will then discuss the likely environmental benefits … and harms … of this technology, and at least seek to begin the discussion of how nanotechnology might be dealt with in a way that will maximize the environmental benefits — which are likely to be enormous — while minimizing the potential harms, which, if allowed to materialize, are likely to be large as well."

The essay is available on the Foresight Institute web site, as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (~112 KB), and is posted with the permission of the journal's publisher, the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, D.C.

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