Nanotechnology May Aid Environment

from the public-debate-is-healthy dept.
Following up the August 19, 2002 Nanodot post Opposition to Nanotechnology, waynerad writes to point out a more recent (September 6, 2002) Associated Press article Environmentalists wary of nanotechnology that quotes both environmentalists' fears about nanoparticle pollution and the replies of scientists that such fears are unreasonable and speculative. waynerad continues "Here is a contrary, optimistic point of view, similar to the view expressed in Drexler/Peterson/Pergamit's 1991 book Unbounding the Future. AP ran this story on how Nanotechnology May Aid Environment. To me, what is interesting isn't so much the specifics raised in either article, but the fact that people 'out there' (besides us) are obviously starting to think about this issue. Also, see Nanotech moratorium called bad idea, where Kevin Ausman, executive director for Rice University's Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology says, 'Nanomaterials are a prime opportunity for (science) to take a proactive approach (to public concerns).'" Further on the same topic, Mr_Farlops writes "Responding to calls for a complete ban on all nanotechnology research, Kevin Ausman, the executive director for Rice University's Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology, said such a moratorium would actually hinder proper research into limiting the enviromental impacts that nanotechnology might have. The ETC Group (one of the groups calling for a ban) has likened nanotechnology to asbestos. A brief reality check for the ETC Group–the same nano-based tools that medicine will use to remove asbestos particles from living tissue and soil will be easily adapted to remove all traces of nanomachinery as well."

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