Nanotechnology Seminar at AAAS Annual Meeting

from the center-stage-at-the-big-circus dept.
Nanotechnology 2003: Big Things in Little Packages, a seminar at the AAAS Annual Meeting, February 13-14, 2003, Denver, Colorado, USA. Organizers include Foresight Senior Associates James Ellenbogen, MITRE; Richard H. Smith, Institute for Alternative Futures. "The intersection of physics, chemistry, engineering and biology at the nanoscale could lead to revolutionary approaches for medical diagnostics, treatment of disease, drug discovery, energy production, and computing. In information systems, circuits, connectors, displays, transistors and, ultimately, entire systems of 'nanosized' parts are being designed, and some, like fullerene-based transistors, are already being tested. … This 2-day seminar brings together leading researchers in this rapidly advancing field of research."

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