New Journal of Nanobiotechnology

The fast ramp-up of work in nanobio has led to the formation of another journal: the new Journal of Nanobiotechnology: “Potential topics include molecular bioprobes, nanoparticles and nanobiosystems, nanobiomaterials, biomolecular assemblies and supra-biomolecules, nanobiosensors and nanobiochips, BioNEMS and nano-biofluidics, nanobiophotonics, single-molecule detection and manipulation and molecular motors.” Says Editor-in-Chief Tuan Vo-Dinh of Oak Ridge National Lab: “Current and future research achievements in nanobiotechnology could ultimately lead to the development of revolutionary modalities of biomolecular manufacturing, early diagnostics, medical treatment and disease prevention beyond the cellular level to that of individual proteins.”

This is in addition to the earlier IEE Proceedings Nanobiotechnology from the UK.

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