New Nanotech Index, plus gentle teasing

Frost & Sullivan has issued a report titled U.S. Nanotechnology Industry: Investment Analysis and Growth Opportunities, which appears to be an analysis of 16 nanotech companies which make up their Nanotechnology Index. It costs US$4950, and is probably a useful report for high-level investors, but I’m afraid they are in for some gentle teasing — gentle from me, perhaps not from others — about the second sentence:

“Recent product launches, such as transparent sun blocks, stain-free fabrics, golf balls designed to fly straight, and nick-proof trims on hummers, clearly demonstrate the enormous potential of the technology to provide superior medical treatments, better production processes, faster computers, and smaller memory devices.”

Er, what? C’mon folks, you can do better, especially in the first paragraph. Feel free to send drafts to me to review–I want you to succeed. Or, much better, hire Howard Lovy.–CP

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