new "foresight" journal: free email digest

from the lots-of-foresight-out-there dept.
Most futurist journals aren't very useful — too short-term, too conservative. Here's a new one that has a chance: foresight® from Camford Publishing — no relation to Foresight Institute. Their board of editors includes at least two who "get it": Clem Bezold and Peter Schwartz. Overall, the publication has a European feel. The email digest is free. For the scope of the journal's topics, see More below. Some of the themes and topics addressed in the first volume of foresight include: Anatomy of a long boom: provoking a dynamic economy in the 21st century; Food security in the 21st century and the role of biotechnology; Future employment and ageism in Britain; Matching methods to the mission: a comparison of natural foresight exercises; A new framework for environmental scanning; Our nuclear future: an era of clean energy abundance; Participatory scenarios for sustainable development; The power of information: transforming power structures in the new millennium; Sustainability and supra-communitarianism; Transforming the future: rethinking time for the new millennium; Unshackling the future of work from ideology of full employment; The US militaryís future in operations other than war; Which way to a healthy future?; reflections on the Madingley Scenarios; Challenges for science policy in Europe; The fifth society and its successful businesses; The inevitability of a business model for higher education; Is sustainability a viable concept for planning; Why the future is Fortean; Energy in the 21st century: the return of geopolitics?; The internet in twenty years: cyberspace, the next frontierÖ

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