New IBM Electron Microscope

from the imaging-atoms dept.
RobVirkus writes "A new I.B.M electron microscope has a resolving power 'less than the radius of a single hydrogen atom'. The beam is 'only three-billionth of an inch wide' which converted is about 0.0762 NM. The image is also three dimensional imaging up to 10 NM depth. E.html" The research paper was published in the August 8 2002 issue of Nature

Sub-ångstrom resolution using aberration corrected electron optics
Nature 418, 617-620 (2002)

We report here the implementation of a computer-controlled aberration correction system in a scanning transmission electron microscope, which is less sensitive to chromatic aberration. Using this approach, we achieve an electron probe smaller than 1 Å. This performance, about 20 times the electron wavelength at 120 keV energy, allows dynamic imaging of single atoms, clusters of a few atoms, and single atomic layer 'rafts' of atoms coexisting with Au islands on a carbon substrate. This technique should also allow atomic column imaging of semiconductors, for detection of single dopant atoms, using an electron beam with energy below the damage threshold for silicon.

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