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Arya writes "Grey Goos' Nanotech Comic Strip Looks at the Light Side of the Human/Technology Relationship

The First Comic for Nanoheads Now on NanoApex

March 10, 2005 – As our story begins, a group of highly advanced nanobots, built for hazardous duty and dubbed "Grey Goos," have escaped from the National Transistor Assembly Labs. These little critters, each with a different technical specialty and a distinct personality, look rather like drops of soft ice cream in hiking boots. They end up in New York City, living in a loft with Dorothea (Dot) Kalm and Globo Bill, a couple of "constructs" who also have escaped from the same lab. Meanwhile, scientists at the lab have created a nanocop they've named Blue Goo, whose job is to round up the wayward Grey Goos and return them to the lab.

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Ed. note in extended copy. Ed. When I first read this submission my reaction was along the lines of "Oh-no, this is all we need." That was primarily due to the choice of the names for the groups of nanobots. But as I thought about it more I considered that perhaps a little humor might make this entire discussion a little less good camp/bad camp. Now a lot will depend on how they spin this, particularly whether the "Grey Goos" can self-replicate or not. So here may be an opportunity to contribute ideas that make nanobots a little less scary than certain individuals/groups make them out to be. For example the "Grey Goos" could be powered by Gd148 power sources that run down after a couple of weeks.

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