NIST conference sessions will examine future of technology

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The Advanced Technology Program of the U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) is sponsoring a special program on "Technology at the Crossroads: Frontiers of the Future" at its 2001 national meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, 3-5 June 2001. Two session of high interest include:
– "Replication of Nanodevices", presented by Ralph Merkle of Zyvex and J. Storrs Hall from the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing. This session will cover molecular replicating systems, including replications of more complex structures on the nanometer scale and exponential assembly into larger devices at the micron scale.
– "The Challenge of Molecular Electronics: Focusing Nanotechnology on the Future Computer", presented by Christopher B. Murray, Manager, Nanoscale Materials and Devices, IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY; and Dr. Paul Weiss, Professor of Chemistry, The Pennsylvania State University. This Frontier session will explore recent notable achievements that show the promise of molecular scale electronics. Anticipating a stream of new advances, such as molecular wires, molecular switches and molecular sensors, particular attention will be placed on the enabling, spillover possibilities for this rapidly moving field.

Other sessions will cover virtual reality in medicine, regenerative medicine (tissue regeneration & stem cell research), information technology, and a discussion by a panel of venture capitalists.
There will also be a keynote address on "Ten Ideas that Have Already Decided the Future", by Foresight Advisor Peter Schwartz, Cofounder and Chairman, Global Business Network, and author, The Long Boom: The Coming Age of Prosperity.

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