Now *you* can sell NanoCeuticals™!

It had to happen: Royal BodyCare Inc., just renamed RBC Life Sciences Inc., has now enabled all of us to go into the business of selling nanotech directly to the public:

About the company: “We are the first company in network marketing to incorporate Nanotechnology into our product line.”

About NanoCeuticals™: “RBC Life Sciences®, utilizing the incredible new nanotechnology, developed a new line of nutritional and skincare supplements called NanoCeuticals.™”

Join Now: Levels available from US$25 to US$1800. It is suggested that “If you’re looking for a full time income”, you should select the $1150 or $1800 level.

With their products, you can lose weight on chocolate, but to find out more, it appears that you need to join as an Associate (US$25).

This is not to imply that there is something wrong with this firm. The products may be excellent. However, if they are indeed excellent, the marketing needs a lot of work. —Christine

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