Now: Fabrics with nanotechnology?

from the for-your-holiday-amusement dept.
Yahoo's PR News reports that "Nano-Tex, LLC announced today that it has agreed to license Galey & Lord (NYSE: GNL – news) and Burlington PerformanceWear (NYSE: BUR – news) to utilize the molecular technology of Nano-Tex in fabric production… 'Nano-Care and Nano-Dry are the first introductions in a family of products being developed by Nano-Tex, bringing ease of care and superior performance to everyday fabrics. Research on other products is progressing well. The nanotechnology platform can be applied to a wide variety of fabric types to create multiple performance features. By changing the fabric at the molecular level, Nano-Tex creates new opportunities in the marketplace with differentiated products based on cutting-edge nanotechnology. We believe that our ability to bring this technology to everyday fabrics will set a new standard for fabric performance in the future.' Nano-Tex, LLC is a research company founded on the principles of nanotechnology creating new or improved textile properties through molecular engineering." CP: I don't know about the fabric, but the marketing is state of the art.

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