Now you can model solar system population online

from the more-people-than-you-can-shake-a-stick-at dept.
David Coutts brings to our attention SolarPop, a program for modeling solar system demographics in the third millennium, now available as a Java applet. This follows up our earlier piece on the game 6 Billion, which David points out is now listed at number 9 its category in Games Magazine's Games 100 buyers guide. Read More for David's full post. David Coutts writes "Further to my submission of 26th August, 1999: I have discovered a lovely little Java program that lets you explore demographic futures for our Solar System: Despite Robert Bradbury's assertion that I have demonstrated "a clear lack of understanding of what biotechnology and nanotechnology enable" in his post on the subject, I thought I'd acknowledged this in my article Per Ardua Ad Astra (see links) when I said "On the other hand, if we adapt to live away from the Earth, we can take life with us. In the new environments in which we live, life will adapt. Inevitably, we will change too. I wish I could see it all." And there's more there, too. Read it. In playing 6 Billion, it is entirely possible that what is being counted can change its nature. Nonetheless, biotechnology and nanotechnology can support the expansion of classical humans as well as enhanced humans. This is what I believe will happen. I'm not ready to give up on Homo Sapiens Sapiens yet, despite Robert Bradbury fascinating articles to the contrary. David (ps – 6 Billion is listed at number 9 in Games Magazine's Games 100 buyers guide in the USA)"

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