NSF: "Moving very fast" toward molecular nanotechnology

NSF: "Moving very fast" toward molecular nanotechnology

A wide-ranging interview of NSF’s Mihail Roco includes an opinion on the rate of advance of nanotechnology toward its more advanced stages:

If you look toward the future, the field is moving very fast from studying simple components – like nanotubes, nanoparticles, quantum dots – to studying active devices and nanosystems. We are also beginning to see investigations into the close integration of these nanosystems for applications, and eventually we’ll be developing nanosystems that have very small components that are nanoscale devices and even molecules or macromolecules. At that moment, we will arrive at so-called molecular nanotechnology.

I sometimes see assertions that the molecular nanotechnology and molecular nanosystems goals are not well-accepted. That’s not how things look to me. People use a variety of terminology, but the goal is pretty clear. Credit: Nanowerk. —Christine

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  1. Novak April 12, 2007 at 6:40 pm - Reply

    There are some people who (seem to) regard any investigations into a path that they think will not work, or even is sub-optimal, as almost criminal against the field. I’m afraid I have to put both Drexler and Smalley, and a subset of their various supporters, into this column.

    In the mean time, the rest of us mere mortals, who haven’t got the voice of God whispering infallibly in our ear, will have to remain content that many different paths are being explored in parallel. This is only right and good. (And it’s why I do not support any notion of an “Apollo Program for Nanotech.”)

    But, thanks for this link, and the link to the great big report on molecular motors from a week or so ago. Still working through that one in detail.

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