NSF Program Announcement for Nanotechnology

from the let's-get-some-of-our-tax-money-back dept.
Senior Associate WesDuCharme writes "The National Nanotechnology Initiative seems to be coming onstream. The NSF just put out program announcement regarding nanotechnology They are interested in proposals on six "research themes". The first five are highly technical, but as a research psychologist I find the sixth one most interesting: Societal and Education Implications of Scientific and Technological Advances on the Nanoscale. Read More for details and an offer to collaborate. Here are selections from the theme:

ìSocietal and Education Implications of Scientific and Technological Advances on the Nanoscale. Exploitation of scientific and engineering advances at the nanoscale will impact society in expected and sometimes unexpected ways. … In order to understand the scope and influence of these changes, and anticipate and respond effectively to them, research on the ethical, legal, social, economic and workforce implications of nanotechnology is necessary. Studies might include, for example: economic assessments and business models for nanoscale development and use; knowledge barriers preventing the adoption of nanotechnology by commercial firms; educational needs; life cycle assessment of manufacturing processes; the ethical and legal ramifications of nanotechnology in health, medicine, law, and the environment; an understanding of its diffusion patterns; how the public understands nanoscience and technology; and the implications of nanotechnology for everyday life. … This theme aims at a long-term vision for educational implications of nanoscience and nanotechnology.î

As a long time Foresight Senior Associate I'd love to do some research on these topics. If there is anyone in an academic environment who would like to team up on a proposal please send me an e-mail. We could do some good and have fun too!"

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