Open Positions

Foresight Social Media Manager

As Foresight’s Social Media Manager:

  • You are responsible for curating Foresight’s outward presence, sharing our publications, growing and engaging with a digital community cooperating to steer the development of technology towards extraordinary outcomes. 

  • You coordinate with your team to share Foresight’s updates, publications, content, so that Foresight’s online presence accurately reflects its high quality work.

  • Growing Foresight’s presence on Twitter is a priority. If you have the soul (or the experience) of a Twitter influencer, we want to hear about it.

  • You create our newsletter and annual reports. You manage and run fundraising, events, and educational campaigns. 

  • You coordinate with aligned actors and organizations for gathering and sharing relevant content.

  • You are able to analyse data to evaluate the performance of the strategies you implement, as well as to identify areas of opportunity to drive the growth and engagement of our community.You carve your own role! We are a small team and there is a lot of space for creative endeavors and experimentation. There is a lot of space for new ideas, and designing novel educational and thematic content on topics related to our different programs, exploring new platforms and partnerships.

This is a remote, part-time, on contract, paid position. Compensation is competitive ($25-30/ hour) and commensurate with experience.


You may be a fit for this role if you have…

  • Experience with Foresight’s main social media platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook

  • Experience in communication and content production

  • Direct or related experience to the fields of technology and existential risk

  • Experience working independently and reaching key milestones with minimal supervision.


Bonus points if you have…

  • An existing network relevant to this role (nonprofit sector, long-termist organizations, technology, science education)

  • Familiarity with our other tools: Mailchimp, Eventbrite, KeyBase, WordPress,, and Salesforce

  • Knowledge of other media platforms: Reddit, Instagram…


How to apply for this position:

  • Submit a CV and an email OR video explaining your interest to – subject: “SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER APPLICATION”. Your email or video should illustrate your capacity to fulfill this role, your relevant experience, and your suggestions for building Foresight’s online presence.  

  • Optional: contact information for one recommender.