Open Source movement responds to Microsoft

from the ideas-in-the-marketplace dept.
An article in the New York Times recaps the latest in the ideological war of words (and actions) between Microsoft and the Open Source/Free Software movement ("New Economy: Open-Source Movement Advances", by L. Flynn, 4 June 2001).

According to the article, "Microsoft has reason for concern, particularly where corporate clients are concerned. Despite the company's efforts to curb the movement, support for open-source software continues to grow here and abroad, led primarily by I.B.M."

The article also quotes a piece by Eben Moglen, a law professor at Columbia and general counsel for the Free Software Foundation: "Microsoft, which used to say all the time that the software business was ruthlessly competitive, is now matched against a competitor whose model of production and distribution is so much better that Microsoft stands no chance of prevailing in the long run. They're simply trying to scare people out of dealing with a competitor they can't buy, can't intimidate and can't stop." Moglenís comments were written in response to a speech in May 2001 by Craig Mundie, a senior vice president at Microsoft

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