Our next Seminar: Artificial General Intelligences & Corporations @Internet Archive

Seminar on Artificial General Intelligences & Corporations

hosted by Foresight Institute@ Internet Archive

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Even if we don’t know yet how to align Artificial General Intelligences with our goals, we do have experience in aligning organizations with our goals. Some argue corporations are in fact Artificial Intelligences – legally at least we treat them as persons already.

Let’s spend an afternoon examining AI alignment, especially whether our interactions with different types of organizations, e.g. our treatment of corporations as persons, allow insights into how to align AI goals with human goals.

While this meeting focuses on AI safety, it merges AI safety, philosophy, computer security, and law and should be highly relevant for anyone working in or interested in those areas.

Discussions on the day include:

Overview of AI Safety & definitions

Corporations as Artificial General Intelligences (based on this literature review for a grant given by Paul Christiano on the legal aspects of AGI as corporations)

Overview of the traditional field of AI alignment, with focus on CHAI’s approach to AI alignment

Aligning long-term projects with incentives in governmental institutions

Building a 501c3 organization and similarities to AI alignment

Civilizations as relevant superintelligence (based on this paper co-authored with Christine Peterson, and Allison Duettmann for the First UCLA Risk Colloquium)

This seminar will be highly interactive – we welcome your engagement throughout the session.

Do you have something valuable to add to the discussion? Especially regarding the legal aspects?

Contact [email protected].

We thank The Internet Archive for hosting, and look forward to tackling this complex but important problem with you, 

Foresight Institute 

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