Packard Foundation goes nano

from the money-with-no-strings-attached-that's-very-nice dept.
Carrying on the David Packard tradition of innovation, the Packard Foundation gave many of its prestigious Fellowships in Science and Engineering to nano-oriented projects this year, according to this press release : "Twenty-four of the most promising science and engineering researchers at 22 universities across the United States have been awarded five-year fellowships worth $625,000 each from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation…It is one of the nation's largest non-governmental programs of unrestricted grants to young university faculty in science and engineering. From the study of galaxies, the earth, and its atmosphere, to cell biology, to nanotechnology and materials design, to theoretical mathematics and physics, the Fellows' research covers a multitude of disciplines in science and engineering." (Emphasis added) CP: At least a quarter of the grants listed have a "nano" orientation.

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